Traditional, Gluten Free, Gluten & Dairy free, Sugar Free, and Vegan

We realize it’s not always about decadent desserts and celebrations. Sometimes you’re just looking for a down-to-earth sweet treat to satisfy your appetite. With our bakery you will find traditional, sugar free, gluten-free, and gluten & dairy free that are rich in flavor and delicious to delight every palette.

“With our bakery you will find Traditional, Gluten Free, Gluten & Dairy Free, Sugar Free, and Vegan that are rich in flavor and delicious to delight every palette.”

A Sweet Box For You or As A Gift

To celebrate a special occasion, show your love with our home made baked and confectionery selections. Everyone LOVES getting home-made baked goods like cookies, cupcakes, and muffins as a gift. It’s a thoughtful gift that shows you care. With many people now on restricted diets, a specially made treat meeting those restrictions (Ie: Traditional, Gluten Free, Gluten & Dairy Free, Sugar Free, and Vegan). shows that even MORE care went into it. Please call text, or e-mail for more information on size and type’s available;

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Having A Party?

Mama’s and Papa’s Bakery can provide your event, large and small, with a wide range of baked goods for your Party, Corporate Event, Office Meeting, Neighborhood Gathering, Holidays, Birthday Parties, and a variety of other Celebratory Events. Large or Small.

What Clients Say About Us

The holidays with my family would have been totally different and even boring if it wasn't for your amazing desserts. Candies, cupcakes, macarons were simply unforgettable! The sweets are the best, especially with the great service and at affordable price. Thanks!


Beautiful designs, bright colors and wonderful taste! I loved the cupcakes that we ordered for my kids Birthay Party last month! The flavor and texture were fantastic! And it's not that just the kids loved them - we all had a couple for ourselves to enjoy and savour.


Every time I host a party or have a special occasion, your desserts are a regular part of it! Sweet, delicious and amazingly lightweight, they make everyone fall in love with it immediately. Thank you for your amazing job, I appreciate fast delivery and the cost!

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